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Recycalize - Sell Borrow Free

Desarrollador Sneaky

Want a clean garage and make money? Get free stuff from others in your community? Freecycle things and help the environment.Your unwanted items could be someone else’s treasure. Don’t throw away stuff you don’t want and contribute to landfills. Freecycle it. Letgo of these items by giving them to others who want them and help protect the environment. List items in just a few seconds using this app and sell them in your community. It’s as easy as taking a picture using your phone. Communicate with others using the app and your email address or phone number won't be disclosed to the other party. Your location is shown randomly within about 1-mile radius of your actual address. This protects your privacy yet improves trust with other community members.
Search a large database of constantly updated items being Freecycled near you. We are constantly adding new coverage areas so you can find more items in your local community. Instead of subscribing to Freecycle Yahoo Groups, Freegle, ReUseIt, Trashnothing or Full Circle groups, then you will love the options Recycalize provides in a very easy to use app. You can sell / buy, lend / borrow, rent, or give away or get things for free e.g. furniture, tools, clothes and toys.
Find a better home for your own items that you don’t need anymore. This will lower your carbon footprint, help protect the environment and you will be a role model for your local community.
But it's not for free giving and taking only. Recycalize marketplace is a safe alternative to garage sale, yard sale, flea market or swap meet that you can run online all year long. No need to wait for Saturday and Sunday morning on a clear spring or summer day. Rain or shine, day or night, your garage sale is always-on. It's a marketplace with local classifieds within the app. The app is a more visual alternative to Craigslist and you sell locally so you don't have to ship items like you do when you sell on eBay. Use it to sell vintage items, antiques or craft. There are no fees for listing your items. You can save a lot by selling your wares on Recycalize.